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Your guiding light for everything solar...

Your guiding light for everything solar...

Your guiding light for everything solar...Your guiding light for everything solar...Your guiding light for everything solar...

Why Northstar?


Our Mission


Do you open your electric bill every month shocked knowing that electricity costs are only going to continue climbing over time?  Are you growing tired of your dependence on fossil fuels?  If you could harness the power of a safe, reliable and renewable energy source to start drastically reducing or eliminating your electric bills while minimizing your carbon footprint...would you?  What's holding you back?!?  Now is the time...

Let's face it though...between dynamic tax laws, confusing incentives, transforming utility regulations and rebates that constantly change and vary by location it’s increasingly overwhelming and difficult to keep track of.  On top of that, products have and will continue to rapidly advance.  How can anyone possibly keep up?!?!

That's where Northstar Solar LLC comes in.  We are here for YOU!  Our team will serve as the catalyst for residential, business and industrial customers alike.  Northstar Solar LLC will help you navigate through the complex renewable landscape.  As our customer you will be provided with cutting-edge solar technology at the best value for your investment.  This equation leads to customized solar projects that are designed to fit your specific needs by a solar development company dedicated to maximizing your savings starting from day one.

All solar installations in Minnesota and Wisconsin shall be performed by a licensed electrical contractor.  You will have the peace of mind knowing that you will be thrilled with the final product!

Sweating the "Small Stuff"


It's All In The Details

How often have you been told, "Don't sweat the small stuff"???  Well we are here to turn that world upside down.  Project success is directly tied to those "little things", the "small stuff", the "details".  

It all starts with our dedicated team that will pay close attention to every little detail of what you are trying to accomplish.  We will listen to your objectives and collaborate to make sure the right system is chosen for your property.  

Once the system is agreed upon we will work closely with industry professionals to make sure your system doesn't skip a beat.  Northstar Solar LLC selects licensed electrical contractors that are passionate about solar and know how to do the job right.  We help facilitate this with consistent, clear communication along the way and we have the systems in place to monitor it all from beginning to end.

All solar installations in Minnesota and Wisconsin shall be performed by a licensed electrical contractor.

Someone needs to sweat the small stuff...let that be us...one project at a time.

Our Promise to You


You are not alone.  All of our customers are hoping to maximize their energy savings while having a positive impact on the environment.  Our design team's mission is to maximize every penny you invest into a solar energy system while driving down the number of months it takes to recover that initial investment.   

Whether you have been exploring this for years and have the money set aside for the project, or you would like to explore financing options, our team is here to help you take advantage of any incentives currently available.  

We promise to make the process of unlocking the code to energy independence seamless and smooth!

A Project You Can Trust


Your happiness with any solar project will be directly tied to the people involved.  For that reason, all solar installations in Minnesota and Wisconsin are performed by a licensed electrical contractor to protect one of your most treasured assets...your home or business.  They will ensure your project is on-time, on budget and done right...the first time!

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